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Lawn Maintenance

From lawn cutting to edging, our lawn maintenance will keep your grass very nice and tidy. These services can be provided weekly, biweekly, or whenever needed! From residential yards to commercial properties.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Is your property looking a little messy? Let us clean up the leaves in the Fall and clean the the yard in the Spring time!


Looking to make your lawn healthier? Aeration helps to alleviate soil compaction and return the nutrients into the lawn. This will help create  a stronger and greener grass.

De-thatching and Power Raking

Thatch is a build-up of organic matter which can include dead grass, leaves, stems, stolons, rhizomes and overcrowded grass roots and lateral weed growth. Thatch can stifle the growth and health of grass or turf. Removing the thatch helps the grass by encouraging it to thicken up and also makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease.

Shrub and Bush Trimming

Are your shrubs and bushes getting really long? Let us professions trim them for the cleanest shape!

Mulch Installation

Refreshing your mulch every year is key if you want a healthy landscape. We will take out the old and install your new mulch!

Snow Removal

Michigan winters are known for a lot of snow and for being really cold. Stay inside and let us remove the snow! From residential driveways and streets, to commercial parking lots.



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